The reasons why brands cannot make credible decisions using Qual or Quant in isolation.

1. Quality

Richness of insight from quantitative research is low.

The what but not the why.

2. Reassurance

Qualitative research is not representative.

Too few and not diverse.

3. Expense

Cost of qualitative research is prohibitive.

Limits what can be done.

For the truth that’s missing in research.

  • Exploring behaviours and attitudes via our virtual moderators who converse, probe and connect
  • Evaluating fixed and video stimulus through verbal and visual data
  • Capturing diverse, representative opinion from online experiences that are easy and accessible for respondents
  • The confidence to make crucial business decisions from hybrid qualitative conversations at quantitative scale
  • Quickly getting to the truth of what matters through AI analysis overseen by experienced researchers who go beyond reports into real insight

Shaping the future of research.

More Truthful

Open and honest conversations with a representative sample of quality respondents.

More Reliable

Confidence to make crucial business decisions from qualitative conversations at quantitative scale.

More Affordable

A cost comparable with a quantitative survey, or about the same as just one focus group.

Better Insights.

Evidence shows people more likely to tell the truth to a virtual moderator and removes moderator bias

Verbal & Visual
New types of responses captured that are not measured by traditional research

Deeper Analysis
AI seeks out deviations, irregularities and anomalies allowing expert researchers to uncover genuine insights

Better Scale.

Hundreds of qualitative interviews at the speed of a quantitative survey

Recruit more diverse, representative samples of the population

Hundreds of virtual moderator interviews give the scale to quantify results

Less travel and meetings support corporate sustainability initiatives

Better Value.

More for Less
Scaled qualitative interviews at a cost closer to a quantitative survey

Clear Decisions
Qual and quant surveys provide credible truths to help you make better decisions

Human interaction trains the AI to replicate consistent conversations

Clients see real people talk in their own words to influence decisions

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