We have been working in and around market research for over 30 years but grew increasingly frustrated with evident flaws in its truthfulness and validity.

So, we built a platform to help us overcome these issues. Our truth recognition technology joins the empathy of humans with the intelligence of AI. We collect multiple verbal data to hear what’s being said and probe for deeper opinions and feelings. We added facial scanning data because we know that the truth is written in the eyes. We then apply the latest in AI technology to analyse results and the oversight of experienced researchers to uncover deeper insights and hypotheses.

Our hybrid, qualitative + quantitative, video-based platform gives clients richer, faster scalable and affordable consumer truths.

Our Founders.

Alison Ashworth

Alison started out as a classically-trained marketer with Diageo. She moved into advertising and media with WPP and ultimately as Chief Strategy Officer at Omnicom. She has worked with global businesses such as HSBC, Jaguar Land Rover, Kimberly Clark, News International and Coca-Cola.

A professional nosey-parker, she is obsessed with unpicking the truth of what people really think and using that to make better decisions. 

“So much qual is expensive and staged…a million miles away from what many people really say and feel.” 

Alison is a member of the MRS and adheres to the MRS Code of Conduct, Regulations and the associated disciplinary procedures.

Jonathan Dalton

Creative at heart, Jonathan (JD) has 30 years in design and marketing, creating and deploying brands for start-ups, through to global organisations. As an integrated designer, he is highly experienced in both conceptual design and the use of technology to automate and simplify processes.

“I’m amazed that the clever tech used in other sectors has not been used in consumer research.” 

His unique mix of experience in tech/SAAS solution architecture and deployment across multiple brands, sectors and geographies, makes him our resident tech expert!

Hilde Oord

Too many years to remember, doing planning and research in the UK and US. Hilde is on a mission to return to quality research having witnessed its unfortunate demise.

She has actually spent 35 years working as a strategic planner on some of the world’s largest brands. Hilde has worked in senior roles for large international networks and was a founding partner of a boutique New York creative ‘hot shop.’

“It drives me nuts that people type any old answer in online quant. They rush to get it done, which isn’t the right way to extract the truth.”

Hilde is a member of the MRS and adheres to the MRS Code of Conduct, Regulations and the associated disciplinary procedures.

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