Curing the problems of conventional research.

Businesses and brands, now more than ever, need reliable insights, backed up with robust data, in order to use the truth to make better business decisions. Our platform generates qualitative and quantitative data from the same survey, far faster and significantly cheaper than traditional methodologies.

Beyond Qual. Beyond Quant.

How many consumer truths still come from ‘flawed’ research? It’s crazy that research still sits in two deeply traditional camps: qual and quant.

It’s becoming increasingly expensive to get a handful of people to make the effort to attend traditional qual focus groups where they are expected to share their deepest feelings in front of total strangers. And a few serial survey- doers bashing out lazy responses can skew quantitative data. Often businesses have to buy both kinds of research to overcome these fundamental issues with traditional methodologies.

We solve these problems by uniting the skill of a great researcher with the intelligence of leading-edge technology. 

Humans and AI joining forces.

An online research platform that gives you richer, faster and scalable consumer truths.


The privacy and space to say what you really think.

People are more open with 121 conversations as they don’t have to filter their views like they do in public forums. Evidence shows that people are more likely to tell the truth to automated tools than they are to a real human being because they believe that computers don’t judge.

Our Difference


A conversation is more open and inquiring than a questionnaire.

Our research expertise means we can create thoughtful dialogue using questions that prompt critical thinking and determine the validity of what’s being said. We don’t ask people to type responses or select pre-coded answers; all of our conversations are free-flowing and open-ended.

More Diverse.

It’s increasingly difficult to get people to do market research.

Focus groups are inaccessible to parents, people with disabilities and those who feel less comfortable in group situations. With the truth doctors, the research goes to respondents in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. We simply ask them to chat along with our virtual moderator with no restrictions on what they want to say or how long they need to say it.

Fast & Affordable.

It’s no longer impossible to go deep and rich, faster and cheaper.

Getting to real consumer truths with us is surprisingly economical when compared to traditionally unreliable and expensive research. With us, our clients get qualitative insight at a cost comparable with a quantitative survey…about the same as just one focus group…in just a few days!

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